Sunday, 25 January 2009

Still Ouch!

So, after my mammoth weight loss and my long, so long walk yesterday I am feeling just a little weak, but excited. My legs are still burning, and aching from yesterday and that 5 mile walk but I feel just a little bit more healthy for it. I am looking forward to going out for another walk, as long as it is not in the next 24 hours. David and I are planning to do a little hillwalking during the week. Well, I say hill walking, there is a mound at the back of my mum's house called Dechmont Law that we are going to walk to, up and back again taking the dog with us.

So, how do I beat that weight loss from last week? That was a mammoth (I know repeated but it really is a great adjective) amount of weight to lose in one week. I was so shocked, stunned but not gobsmacked (would never happen). I have actually lost 18lbs in 2 weeks - OMG!

Just contemplating another hot bath when I get in from work.
Enjoy what's left of Sunday Night.


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  1. Wow, that's fantastic that you've lost so much in two weeks - well done!