Saturday, 17 January 2009

Week 1 complete

So, week 1 of Lighterlife is complete. Although there has been a few bumps in the road this week, and I haven't been fully on the plan I have managed to lose 6 pounds this week. I am really chuffed with myself, and now definitely feel that I can manage the rest of the plan without having to resort to conventional food again.

Today we were to write down our 3 main goals, and be really specific about them. Here are mine:
1. To go to the wedding dress shop in Bathgate and try on the Maggie Sottero gown that I really like (wont put the name here in case David reads it). I want to try on the dress in their sample size, which is a 12 (or a normal 10) and I want to do this by October 31st.
2. By December 1st I want to have my police application form filled in, and sent off.
3. By My birthday in May I want to have lost 4 stone.

Today after I got back from Lighterlife we went up to the town centre to try and get some new clothes for the gym. David managed to get a couple of pairs of shorts but I didn't get anything. As usual the shops don't stock items in my size in a petite. I can get clothes that fit my waist, but there are miles to long or they have the correct length but I might fit into them in about 3 months when I have lost a few stone.
I really want to fit into the wedding dress. I know that I can order the dress in any size but I dont want to wear a marquee. The dress I think I want is very delicate, and wouldn't want to strain the dress with me bulging out of it. God, Lighterlife better work.


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  1. Well done on the weight loss - that' a lot for a week, even if you weren't doing it all the time!

    I know what you mean about gym clothes - there's just no decent selection at all for petite people - for some reason all jogging/yoga style pants seem to be made for people with long legs, and it's not really like you can just roll them up or anything either. Infuriating! I'd quite like to buy some gym stuff to try and motivate myself into going more, but trying to save money, unfortunately :(