Sunday, 18 January 2009

Faux Eyelashes

So, I have been looking into faux eyelashes for a while. I have really long eyelashes, which when I don't wear mascara look quite full but as soon as I put some mascara on, whether it be black, brown or clear then they look really fine, and split into individual lashes. I want to have the look of thick lashes.

Does anyone know any good brands of lashes, that actually do what they say on the tin?
I have been looking at M.A.C but if anyone can recommend any others for me to try then I would be grateful.

so, on another note, I feel like I am neglecting my friends a bit. The last time I saw my friend was Hogmany, almost a month ago, and one of my bridesmaids was last spotted in June when we went to see Bon Jovi through in Glasgow. That is just ridiculous! I need to try and be a better friend this year, otherwise I will be dumped by all my bridesmaids. We are getting together (we almost all of us) at the start of February for a girlie night, followed by a wedding fayre on the Sunday. I am so excited about wedding fares in general, think I may even keep going after David and I get married. The fashion shows are so good, the dresses are beautiful (or completely strange) and it just allows you to fantasise about what you will look like on your big day.

Going for my lunch now, going to have some lighterlife Chicken soup. Yum!



  1. The only ones I've used are the individual ones, but I'm not sure that would be quite what you're looking for, because they don't necessarily make my eyelashes look thicker... Shu Uemura apparently make really good falsies, but I haven't tried them myself, so not sure.

    Do you curl your lashes before putting mascara on? I swear by heated eyelash curlers followed by waterproof mascara.

  2. I do curl my lashes, and it does help, but still not the full look that I want.

    Will check out the ones you mentioned and see how they work.