Thursday, 12 February 2009

Constant Wedding Chatter

So, is it me or is it true that as soon as you get engaged, all of a sudden so does everyone else, or there is more weddings than ever before? When David and I announced we were engaged, my younger cousin also announced she was engaged. Then around the same time I am reading on people's bebo and facebook accounts that they are either planning their weddings or are planning to be involved in a wedding in some way, eg bridesmaid/bestman.
Is it that once you focus your mind on organising your wedding that you notice more people discussing weddings be it online or in person?

Now this sounds like I am complaining, and I definitely am not, in fact I love it. I just find it funny how once you set your mind to do something, be it plan a wedding or get a new job you start to hear about all these other people who are near to you doing the same thing. Would it be as noticeable if you weren't doing the same thing?

Just my little tit bit for today.
Might be back later tonight but got to go back to work just now.


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  1. Haha, I think you're probably just more atuned to it when it's happening to you, although in the case of weddings (and probably christenings, too!) it's probbaly true to say that most of your "group" will go through it in roughly the same time frame. I've noticed this happen with other things too, though!