Thursday, 12 February 2009

Valentine's Dinner from M&S

David & I had decided not to really do Valentine's this year, we had decided to put the money towards the wedding but David has surprised me with a delivery coming on Saturday morning. I am excited but also feeling a bit rubbish as I haven't arranged anything for him.

We did go to Marks and Spencers tonight though and buy our dinner for Saturday night. They are doing a deal for 6 items for £20. We got a starter of scallops in their shells covered with mash potatoes and cheese. For our main course we got rump steaks with pepper sauce and a side dish of roast veg. Pudding is going to be melt in the middle chocolate puddings. As well as all that we got a bottle of rosé cava and a single stem pink rose, although you can choose your colour of rose - be it red, white or pink. I chose the pink rose as they were bigger. It is such a good deal, and there are lots of different choices for each course. The deal is on until Sunday so well worth it - much cheaper then going out for dinner and you won't be rushed by the waiters wanted to get the table cleared before the next batch of loved up customers come in wanting fed.

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