Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday 1st February......Already!

So, today I am sitting at work . The TV isn't working because we are having to use the small generator instead of the big one. Just been catching up with all my emails, all 200 of them (received in 2 days) and then though I would have a look at the blogs and websites I normally read, and I stumbled across my own website.

So, you ask, what have I been up to since the last blog entry? Well, yesterday morning I was working, but in a new job. I was sat in the dispatch office for one of the companies we work for, waiting on engineers coming in to collect items. I then had to scan them out through the computer system, and that's about it. I did no work at all - no one came in. Then I had the joy of going for an eyebrow wax. My friend Sara is a qualified beauty therapist so I go to her, normally every 2 or 3 weeks to tame the wild beasts that insist on crawling across my face, always trying to expand down to my eyes and join in the middle.
Just before my eyebrow wax though I went to talk with my Lighterlife consultant about coming off the diet. This past couple of weeks have been really difficult and I don't want to be miserable when losing weight, because I will end up rewarding myself with food at the end and piling it all back on again. I am not in the right place just now for it Willy Russell's "Blood Brothers". It was fantastic. If you are ever in the area and get the chance, get tickets to go and see the Livingston Players, they are great. They are already working on their next production, a musical so I am looking forward to seeing that.

As well as all that, yesterday the tickets for the Scottish Wedding fair arrived. We are going next Sunday, all 7 of us and it is going to be great. Almost all my bridesmaids are going, unfortunately one of them has to work, but hopefully we can all get together again soon. So, anyway we are going to have a bit of a girlie night on the Saturday with everyone coming round to mine for dinner and drinks before heading off to the show the next day. Even David is coming (although I think that has much more to do with the free booze and cake than the wedding dresses and favors). I am really looking forward to next weekend.

Enjoy what is left of Sunday.


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