Friday, 6 March 2009

I LOVE Pay Day!

Today, as is every Friday, is pay day and I LOVE it.
After doing loads and loads of deliveries this week I was rewarded with my pay. I have just opened a new bank account after a dispute with my last bank so I do have to put some money away but I can also go shopping. Been needing some new clothes for a while now, but we can finally afford to go shopping. Just a pity I am working all weekend really.

In other news, I am so close to finishing the wedding invitations. I only have 9 to go then they will be finished. At the minute though I cannot be bothered with them. They have been sitting on the coffee table in the living room for a few days now, but yesterday I only made 4 when I could have finished them all but that then means in my head that at the minute at least I will have nothing more to do. Really just want to get them finished though so I can get them out of the road before sticky little fingers find them and destroy all my hard work. Better get my finger out really.

Decision made, going to make the last of the invitations.
Enjoy the weekend if I don't blog.


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