Saturday, 7 March 2009

Wedding Invitations are last!

Last night I finally managed to finish making our wedding invitations. It has actually taken me months and months to get them done, partly because I have been working loads and therefore too tired in the evenings and also because I am so lazy and with the deadline not for ages yet there has been no rush to get them done. Not that you would think that by my attitude yesterday. I was determined to get the invitations complete last night so I stayed up until just before midnight working away to get them done. By the end my back was killing me as I was hunched over the coffee table cutting out the heart shapes that make the design of the invitations but what a sense of achievement in thinking that I have done that myself, for the total cost of about £30 max.

I will post a picture of the invitations, once they have been sent out so there is a surprise element for those of you that are getting them.


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