Thursday, 5 March 2009

So busy, let's write a blog entry ...

What a day it was yesterday.
I was out working from 10am to 8.40pm. I was out from Bathgate to Glenrothes, then 2 trips from Bathgate to Greenock, on of which was when I left Bathgate at 4.45pm and got to Greenock at 6.58pm! Normally I do this trip every lunchtime and it only takes me an hour to get there and an hour to get home so it was a bit of a culture shock for it to take over 2 hours. Today was pretty good though and I managed to get through all my deliveries quicker than normal, even with starting an hour later than usual.

Tonight I am trying to get the wedding invitations finished. I have not touched them for ages now and they are cluttering up a corner of the living room. I only have to make another 15 or 20 then that is me finished and they can get stored away upstairs in the cupboard with the other wedding stuff until they are needed. So as you can tell I am spending all my time doing the invitations, and therefore I had to write this blog entry as it couldn't possibly wait.

Suppose I better get back to it, enjoy the rest of your night.


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