Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wedding Update

So, as we all know by now David and I have booked a holiday/wedding/honeymoon thingy to the Dominican Republic. It was booked last Saturday but we were told it would take about a month to get the date finalised with someone from the justice department over there. WEll imagine my surprise when I get a phone call this morning from Thomson to say that the wedding pack has arrived in the shop and it is awaiting our signatures. So we are going to pay them a visit on Saturday to do just that.

This means though that as far as I understand it we have a date set for our wedding. We provisionally requested a date in our second week as you have to be in the country for 5 working days before they will marry you. We picked the Wednesday as it gives us time afterwards to have a honeymoon as well.

So you ask, what date is our wedding taking place. Well I respond it is the 31st of March 2010. I hope that our friends Terry and Amber don't mind that we are stealing their date as they got married on that date 2 years ago.

Looking forward to it all now as it seems real that we have a date.

Woo Hoo.


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