Saturday, 16 May 2009

Birthday pressies - when it isn't my birthday

It is my birthday next week.

So on Wednesday I was shocked when a parcel was delivered to my house. It was clearly something that had been ordered off the internet but I hadn't ordered anything. I open it - it has my name on it said nothing indicating what it is for and there are these cool little Japanese figures in it. Still a little confused as I haven't ordered them I eventually find a phone number in amongst the packaging from the supplier who I call to find out who it is from.
It turns out it is a birthday pressie from one of my friends - really nice and cool, I now know who it is from.

Yesterday I was getting back from work late so had to get David to walk from work to the house. On the way home he stopped at the town centre and bought my birthday present. No surprise - but beautiful - it was the jewellery box I had picked out a couple of weeks ago. It is a really dark brown leather one like a travel case with the handle on the top. It also has a travel box for going away on holiday - I thought that would be handy for transporting all the jewellery I want to take away for the wedding. It is lovely - I really do love it but thought he might keep it until my birthday next week. So, this morning - before I came into work I sorted out the travel case with all my wedding jewellery (well except the wedding rings as we haven't bought them yet).

Is it me or do you agree that birthday pressies should only be given on the day - even if you know what they are?



  1. Yup, I've always insisted on keeping pressies until the actual day - even when I was a kid I somehow always felt like it was "cheating" to get them earlier! Love the sound of the jewellery box, by the way: I've just finsihed re-organising mine, and haverealised that even although I only got this one at Christmas, I already need a bigger one...

  2. Another vote for only on the day :)