Friday, 22 May 2009

Weekly Roudup

OMG! Cant believe it has been so long since my last post - sorry about that.
This week has been pretty hectic so sit back, relax and get ready for the long story.

Firstly, Slimming World update. I wen to class on Wednesday and jumped on the scales (well not really but you get the idea)and I had lost another pound. It's not a great weight loss but it is a loss. I didn't do much exercise at all last week so it was purely the diet that got the weight off this week.

Wednesday was also a special day for me. It was my birthday. So as well as feeling good about my weight loss I was also looking forward to having a good day. I got so great pressies as well. David got me a beautiful leather jewellery box. It is the style of a travel case so it has a handle on the top and inside there is a travel box for going away. Have put my wedding jewellery in it for when we pack up to go away next March.

Also this week we have all paid off our deposits for the holiday/wedding/honeymoon. Now comes the important part of paying off the rest of the holiday but so far so good.

After discussing it with David this week as well we have decided to put the deposit down on my wedding dress next week. I am looking forward to actually going and signing on the dotted line and securing the dress as mine. I took my friends along last week (as per previous posts) and we have decided - although I decided on it before - that it is definitely the dress for me. I do have to go for another shopping style trip though with my wedding shoes to decide on the length of wedding dress to order. They come in 2 different lengths and with me being short I might be able to order the shorter length and therefore not need any alterations required on the skirt. Should hopefully be doing that next week though so will keep you posted.

Enjoy your week.