Thursday, 14 May 2009

The dress has been seen now.

So, yesterday I took my friends along to see my dress.
I was quite apprehensive about it as I was worried that they wouldn't like it, or they would think it wasn't suitable for my body shape but I needn't have worried.

They all started blubbing the minute I came out of the changing rooms so I took that as a good sign.

They kept saying that it was beautiful, and to be honest even after I took it off I couldn't stop looking at it.

Definitely the right dress I think.

On another note I went to Slimming World yesterday morning and lost some more weight.
It was only another half pound, but after the week I have had it was great to have lost. Obviously I wanted more - I have a mini target in my mind for my birthday next week and at the minute I am not going to make it.
As long as I keep losing though I will get there in the end. I have adjusted my weight loss target for the wedding, it makes it so much more achievable. Obviously if I beat it (which is possible if I can stay focused for the entire time) then I will be so so so happy but if not then as long as I get the target then I will have the biggest smile on my face on my wedding day.



  1. Oh, that's definitely the right dress - if the friends cry and you can't stop looking, you've definitely made the right decision :)

  2. Yeah that is what I thought.

    I am so relieved that now the choice has been made.
    Now can head forward with the rest of the stuff that is needed.