Saturday, 30 May 2009

Bleugh ....... my rating for the week.

Well, so much for me doing better this week with the blog entries then hey - but it has been a bit of a manic week.

Firstly lets get the bad news out of the way - Slimming World was not a good experience this week. Not that I could have expected it to be really after having a birthweek instead of just a birthday when it came to the food this week. So no surprises that I gained 3lbs. Gutted though. Haven't really got back into it this week - was really good on Wednesday until I had to go up to Aberdeen for a delivery and didn't take any food with me. As I get weighed on a Wednesday morning I don't like to eat until then so hadn't had anything to eat until I reached Dundee on my way back home. With over an hour to go until I got home the hunger pangs took over I grabbed some food from the garage when I fueled up - and it hasn't stopped since then. Last night for instance David went out for his works Christmas night out so it was the perfect opportunity to eat healthy - I was only cooking for myself after all so what did I do - ordered an Indian Takeaway!
When will I learn.

Hope fully get back into it today - going food shopping when I finish work so will get lots of nice healthy foods in.


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