Sunday, 10 May 2009

A deviation from the norm....

So, partly down to my boring week and partly cause I really want to tell you about these products I thought I would blog today about these new products that I have come across.

A few weeks ago I held a Virgin Vie party in my house. A girl I used to go to school with has started doing the parties and I agreed to be one of her first parties.
I am so bad with skincare and all that kind of stuff - my family has always had great skin without anyone even moisturising on a daily basis so I never really paid my skin much attention. I used to just drag a face wipe over my face when I remembered to try and clear anything that might be on there. I would also occasionally do a face mask although that was more for pampering and relaxing rather then to actually benefit my skin.

So back from that tangent, I was hosting the party and admitted to never cleansing and toning - well I never realised so many people do it. I thought everyone was like me and thought they should do it but didn't.
Anyways I was persuaded to buy some of the cleanser and toner as well as the moisturiser that I was buying anyway.

OMG - I thought my skin was good before but it is so much better now. I had some little problem areas, in the usual places on my nose, chin etc. Now though they are all gone. I am pretty pleased with myself for breaking the lazy habits I had before - my face and skin are looking so much better now and hopefully this means that everything is going to be okay for the wedding and I will be glowing for then.


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