Sunday, 14 June 2009

And More Shopping....

So this morning me and David went into Edinburgh to do a spot of DIY for my grandad. Whilst waiting for B&Q to open we decided to go into Tesco to kill some time.
They have some really nice holiday clothes in at the minute and I really liked a sundress they have at the minute. I had been looking at it for a couple of weeks now so decided to show it to David to see what he thought.
He told me to buy it but I didn't know what size to buy as I am trying to lose weight. He told me to pick a size that is realistic to get to, even without too much effort and get the dress in that size - to act as inspiration for the weight loss. Here it is:

Also I bought a pair of shoes to match. I have problems wearing heels - after a couple of hours my feet really start to hurt and I need to change into flats. However I can wear wedges, even really high ones all day long. These were only £8 so grabbed them whilst David was offering.

David has put a ban on me wearing these shoes though - unless I am wearing the dress with them so I better get a move on with the weight loss.


  1. been trying to guess the size.....Im going to go with a size I rite?

  2. you are correct, yeah Sammy.

    A bit ambitious at the minute but can be achieved.