Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wedding Dress Update

Just a little blog entry today - still trying to recover from yesterday's mammoth journey where I drove to Oxford and back for a delivery.

I have been looking at the wedding dresses online in the run up to actually ordering my dress next week. I still think fondly of the dress that I tried on when I went for my first every shopping trip but couldn't order as it was about to be discontinued at the end of that week - or so I thought.

Today I went back into the dress shop to ask if it was definitely the case that the dress had been discontinued as it is still showing on the website. They happily called the designer who said

"no, it hasn't been discontinued".

OMG, talk about elation.
Although I had picked another dress - and totally fell in love with it - it just wasn't any comparison to this dress. So decision made. Roll on next week when I can order it.

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