Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Update time again...

So, slimming World this morning.
Went in, jumped on the scales and lost half a pound.
To be honest wasn't really expecting it as I have only been watching what I have been eating since Monday. Hopefully this is a reflection of my careful choices and there should be a big weight loss next week - and for a few to come before I start to slow down again.

Go Me!



  1. Well done :) Keep counting those cals and you will lose that 2lbs each week no problem.

  2. Yeah! Congrats! Isn't it lovely to lose when you don't expect it! Glad you are back on the wagon... I am always getting back on myself!

  3. Thanks guys for all your suuport.

    Terry - hopefully my little setback tongiht won't impact too much on the weight loss journey - if I keep going that is. Just had some rubbish news so can't be bothered at the minute.

    Diva - it is good to lose when you least expect it, but it is even better to lose when you have worked hard. I am hoping that from now on things are going to get better. Keep going - I have been reading your blog, keep going.