Tuesday, 25 August 2009

All work and no play......

is making Mhairi a dull girl.

I sat today and counted how long it has been since my last official day off work. It has been 37 days!!!!! Even then it was only 1 day off and before that it was about another 40 days. I need to get a life. I can't remember the last time that David and I went out and did something just the 2 of us, apart from exercising that is. Even that though has been a bit neglected as I have been working loads then when I wasn't working I was tired so not really wanted to go out and expel any more energy. Not looking good for the scales tomorrow.

What I have been looking into more and more is the different beauty treatments I fancy getting done before we go away for the wedding and also whilst we are away in the resort's spa. I am looking into eyelash extensions. A while ago I posted about getting false eyelashes to wear on my wedding day to make my lashes look fuller. I have been trying to use false lashes for a while now and I just cant get to grips with them. I can only do one eye, and even then it falls off after about 30 minutes. Not a good look for the wedding photos. When I was getting my eyebrows threaded at the weekend I was given a pamphlet for the other treatments that the spa do and one is the eyelash extensions. I was asking and they have assured me that it will add only a bit of length as my lashes are really long as it is but it will also add some volume to my lashes as well. I am going to try it out over Christmas and if the effect is good then I will have it done again for the wedding. With getting my eyelashes tinted and permed as well all I will need on my big day is a slick of clear mascara and that's it, done and dusted (well with a few other additions of course).


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