Sunday, 23 August 2009

Eyebrow update......

The threading yesterday was a complete success. It was more uncomfortable than I was expecting but very quickly my skin recovered much quicker than it normally did when I was getting waxed. Even the shape of my eyebrows is much better than I normally get with either waxing or tweezing.

Yesterday after my trip to get threaded David managed to convince me to head out for a bit of a walk. We headed out to the grounds of a local, disused hospital for a bit of a dander around. It was a bit strange walking around the grounds of a hospital that opened in 1906, it was almost like a little village with roads and streets linking the different departments as bits had been added as and when they were needed as the hospital grew. The place only shut down in 2006 but to look at it you would think it had been empty since the 1950s. The place looks like it was raided in the middle of the night and everyone taken from their homes, there is stuff just abandoned in the rooms like wheelchairs etc.

After walking round the hospital grounds for about 40ish minutes we headed off to walk up Dechmont Law which is a bit of a hill in our little town. We walked up most of it, not venturing past the end of the tarmaced path to the top but walked about 80% of it, then back down as well.
So yesterday was a bit active for all concerned and I slept well last night.

Hopefully I will get a good result on the scales come Wednesday.


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