Friday, 4 September 2009

Gym update

Since the last time I posted I haven't been back to the gym. This isn't because it has lost any of it's appeal but more that life has gotten in the way of getting there.

Wednesday night we headed out for dinner with David's parents. Due to a challenge David had with one of his friends we weren't able to eat out or have a take away for the whole month of August. That in itself isn't an issue and we really didn't miss the food but we missed the socialising aspect of it. Before David's parents went away that had the family round for a take away and some chat but we didn't go as we didn't want to sit there and watch the others eat food that we weren't going to have. They came back their holiday on Wednesday so we decided to all go out for a meal to catch up.

Last night I was babysitting my mum's dog. That shouldn't have stopped us going out to the gym for a couple of hours but the dog had been in the house all day on his own so he needed to be fed and walked loads to make up for it. I decided to feed him early instead of waiting until we got back from the gym.

Going tonight so have to put in treble the amount for the last couple of days that we have missed. Lots of running and lots of swimming in preparation for my programme getting made up tomorrow so I can whip my ass into shape.


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