Saturday, 16 January 2010

Memorable week - definitely

So, since last weekend when I posted about my personal trainer experience things have gone from bad to worse.
Monday started it all off with a bang - literally. I had just dropped David off at work and was heading home for a sneaky little nap before being called out to work when someone drove into my car with theirs. So all of Monday morning was spent on the phone to the insurance company and a visit to A&E to be checked out as I hit my head in the bump.
It looks as if my car is going to be written off as well as the chassis has been bent and dented in the impact so no-one is going to repair that. So now looking out for a new car - David thinks that we can actually get 2 cars out of it so there might be a bright side to a very dark Monday. No wonder people hate them so much.
Tuesday I was still off work as my head was not feeling much better and my ribs were still giving me some annoyance - not really ideal when you drive for miles and lift boxes for a living so I ended up babysitting for my 2 little nieces who had been banished from nursery as they had chicken pox. They were fantastic though and didn't play up at all.
The rest of the week was back to work as usual albeit in a different vehicle which was strange to get used to at first.
For those that know me I don't do well in little black vehicles. The accident on Monday was the second time I had a crash in a small black car, I have only had 3 crashes in my 10 years of driving so I mentioned this to the insurance company and they sent me as a courtesy car - yeah you guessed it, another small black car. Hope nothing bad happens to this one.

Also not been to the gym for the past 4 days now - personal trainer session tomorrow is going to be fun, fun, fun - NOT!

What a memorable week.


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  1. Oh, no - I knew you'd had a bump from your Facebook, but I was hoping it was something minor :( What a nightmare : really hope you get some good news soon about the car. If you can get two out of it, though, at least that would be something!