Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ouch! But on a whole new level

So, still going to the gym and still meeting with the personal trainer but it isn't getting any easier. For days after my session with the mean man I am in agony. Even now I am still taking ibuprofen to ease my muscle ache.
There is a noticeable difference in my shape (well so David says anyway - I don't see it) so it is all worth it but my god it is a struggle getting out of bed for about 4 days after the session. Then it is time to meet up with the trainer again and start the ache all over again.

As well of all my aching I have also made some major progress in the wedding front.
The holiday is now completely paid for which is great. Also the documentation is taking shape now. I spoke earlier about me getting my passport, but now I have also received our birth certificates from the general registrar and the Certificate of New Impediments (CONI) from the registry office. Now the CONIs and the birth certificates have been sent to the foreign and commonwealth office to be legalised (because they apparently aren't legal outside the country until this has been carried out) then they need to get to the Dominican Embassy to get all translated and legalised again and all this before we go in 8 weeks!
Got my dress fitting in the next few weeks as well. The effort in the gym should show then. I am looking forward to seeing how the dress fits when I go to the dress maker compared to how it did when I collected it from the dress shop back in December.

As well as all of that I am starting anew job in the next few days. Gone are the days of waiting on the phone to ring and heading out all over the country. Now I will be in an office, working set hours and knowing exactly how much I will be getting paid. I wont even have to worry about doing a tax return every year or putting money away for the taxman. Life is going to be so much easier - David and I might even get to plan time together without the phone ringing. Really looking forward to it.


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  1. Really pleased you got offered a job with them Mhairi. Congrats from your favourite Greek! :)