Saturday, 6 February 2010

Planning, planning, planning ...

So, what's been happening since the last post?
Well not too much reall on account of me being in bed for most of the time with stinking man flu. I call it man flu as it is the flu that David gave me. He is nice and sharing like that.

I am not going to moan on about being ill, I do that constantly, instead I am going to bore you with my latest wedding news. It is all getting exciting - well for me anyway.
Our documentation is almost complete. I collected our Certificates of No Impediments from the registry office. Those and the birth certificates were sent down to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to be legalised as (did you know this?) your documents are not legal outside the UK without an official stamp on them (and not the stamp that comes originally on them, that only makes them legal in the UK). They came back within a few days and now they are all currently sitting on someone in the Dominican Embassy's desk with the view to being translated into Spanish then the Spanish version being legalised so that they will be legal in the Dominican Republic. Once they come back thats it, all the documents will be ready to go and put into my little hand luggage suitcase that my dress will get folded into once it has all been altered.

As well as that we have finally booked our reception venue this week. Well we thought it was about time what with it only being about 10 weeks until the actual reception takes place. We couldn't decide where to have it as budget has been a big factor in deciding where it will be. We have also gone down the unconventional route of having it on a Thursday night. Seeing as how our wedding will take place on a Wednesday then there is no reason to not have it on a Thursday. Also the venue pretty much made that decison for us as they don't take private bookings on a Friday or Saturday night. So we have it all booked and the invitations that took me so long to make have all been sent out and are starting to be delivered to everyone we wanted to invite.

So things are coming along great. Just waiting for the RSVPs now to see who is going to come. I always have that dread that noone is going to come, but I am not sure if that is down to how I felt about myself at school and therefore never had parties, just nice meals out with families for special events in my life so far.

I hope the documents come soon, just another thing I can tick as completed on my massive list of things to do.

Have a great weekend.


P.S. In completeing this blog entry David has just called me from home to say that our documents have arrived and are all translated and legal now. Big tick for the to-do list. Woo Hoo!

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  1. The invitations look fantastic, and we will definitely be there - so excited for you both! The legal stuff all sounds a bit of a nightmare - so much to think about and keep on top off! - but glad to hear it all seems to be going well!