Saturday, 13 February 2010

Been Sticked ...

David and I went for our injections last night so we can go on holiday without getting any nasty diseases (well hopefully anyway). Typically though I had to get one more injection than David did as he had some injections in the 6 weeks he was in the army 8 years ago. So whilst he sat there Just getting his Hepatitis A injection I was getting stuck with Hep A, Polio, Diphtheria and Tenanus. Admittedly it wasn't as bad as I make it sound. The polio, diphtheria and tetanus vaccines are all in one little syringe, with a really small needle but it still wasn't very nice. Have I mentioned the fact that I don't like needles?!? I have two lovely bruises now, and very tender upper arms. Although there was a bonus in getting the injections, we couldn't get to the gym last night due to my arms being sore.
We even got our anti-malaria tablets which we start taking the week before we go. Been reading up about malaria carrying mosquitoes and I always thought they were the little blighters that were out at night but apparently these mosquitoes are the ones that are out bloodsucking during the day as well.

Last bit of wedding preparation happens on Wednesday when I go for my wedding dress fitting. It will be fun to put on my dress again as I haven't had it on since before Christmas when I collected it from the shop. Even with it hanging up in my hallway for the past couple of months I haven't been tempted to bring it out and put it on. This is because I am so scared of getting it dirty on something so it has been hidden in the dress bag the entire time (well, I have been and snuck a couple of peeks at it, it is too pretty not to go and have a look at it).

Finally things are feeling like they are almost complete. Only 5 more weeks until we got on the plane, 6 weeks until the wedding. OMG! did I actually just say that? Only 6 WEEKS!!! until the wedding. It is all happening so quickly now!

Exciting, isn't it?

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