Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wedding & Work, the only 2 things on my mind....

So, the other day I posted about all the fun the wedding prep was, and you know what it is almost complete.
All the invitations are now out and the RSVPs are starting to arrive on the doorstep. The documentation for the Dominican Republic is all sorted, we did have a little blip when there was a spelling mistake on the translated version of David's birth certificate but after an email to the Dominican Embassy we had another copy in our hands 24 hours later. Now the last of the prep is to be done then we are all set.

David and I are going for our jabs tomorrow night. For anyone that knows me this is not going to be a good experience on account of me being absolutely petrified of needles. I have already made sure that I get the first appointment because if I watch David get his jabs then I will not get them myself. If I had known (or just thought about it) that jabs were needed to go to the Dominican the I can assure you that we would be heading out to Tenerife or somewhere else instead.

As the title says there is something else on my mind just now and that is work. I am about to stop being self employed and joining the rat race again. I start my new job on Monday and am looking forward to working a Monday to Friday 9 until 5. I look forward to getting to the gym at 5.30 every night instead of the usual 8.30 or 9.
Obviously with the start of a new job there is also the shopping that goes with it. Oh no (yeah right) I have to go and buy clothes that are suitable for working in an office and not for just sitting in a car or van. The high heels can be dug out again. Woo Hoo!!!

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