Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The morning after the night before

So, yesterday was a bad day. I have to apologise for my venting here.

Today everything is okay, and yesterday I didn't cheat but instead went to have a massage then went to bed. David and I also had a long chat about the diet, whether or not I should be doing it if it makes me feel so down but today everything has been put into perspective. I was just going through carb withdrawal in a big way (I love bread and white pasta). Being back in the correct mindset I have decided to get back into going to the gym, and sorting out myself and my life. There is a bundle of paperwork upstairs that has not been sorted since we moved into the house 6 months ago, and when David gets back from work tonight we are going to tackle it together.

I have even cooked David a meal for tonight. I have stood over the hob for almost an hour cooking a chilli and didn't even feel like eating it, the smell was enough.

Sorry for yesterday again



  1. Gym is the key, if you are already paying for the membership then use it while you can. You could always come with us in the morning sometimes if you wanted? It's a massive help to have someone else to go with and it certainly helps the two of us keep at it. Amber managed two morning classes this week so far as well as two abs classes. It hurts getting up early but it is worth it in the end.

  2. Hey

    Thanks loads, I am definately getting back into going to the gym. I have given myself a fitness goal and signed up gor the Edinburgh Moon Walk in June so have to get fit, and quickly. Got to walk 26 miles - ouch!